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Tips for taking Awesome iPhone photos

Updated: Mar 25, 2018

While you can't get professional quality images from an Apple device, you certainly have the ability to take some pretty cool pictures. Ever wonder how much it's actually capable of and how to use it?

Disclaimer: While we don't recommend using iPhone pictures for the really important stuff like portraits you're going to print and display in your home or anything you need to print at a large size, it's still fun to take cool pictures (i.e: to use on social media and such) using the device you have on your person almost all the time! We've compiled some wonderful tutorials from Apple in this Blog Post on how to take great photos with your iPhone. Enjoy!

This video is great for getting landscape shots with great lighting using the grid feature and HDR:

This next video helps you create a simple but bold image:

Have you ever wondered how to do a vertical pano on iPhone?

The sun is a great light source that can be overwhelming when you are unsure on how to take advantage of it. This will help:

Are you curious about when to use flash and when to not use flash? This next example eliminates flash in favor of using other light sources:

A few other helpful tips:

  1. You can focus on what you want to take a picture of when holding down a spot in the viewfinder.

  2. Negative space is great for clean and simple images.

  3. You can use the volume up button to take a picture instead of using the touch screen.

  4. It is perfectly acceptable to use flash in the daylight if you are taking a picture of something a few feet away.

  5. Third party apps are also great for editing in addition to the features automatically on your iPhone.

We hope you enjoy these great examples of maximizing your iPhone camera skills!

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