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Influencers 2023


Brook Tompkins


Isabella Emery

Goes to: Marshall High School

Plays: Volleyball

Likes to: Hangout with friends and family, watch baseball and football games, go shopping, swim, and teach volleyball lessons.

Why do you want to be an Influencer because: 

I simply love his pictures and want to feel confident in my senior pictures. I feel like having Sam Smead take them would make me confident because I have seen his work and know that he is passionate about his photos. I also love social media on all of its platforms, so posting pictures of myself in photos by Sam Smead would mean the world to me because he is so talented.


Margaret Langston

Goes to: Longview High School

Cheerleader, Z- Club, Student Council, National Honor Society,

Likes to: I love to hang out with my friends, go shopping, swimming, and driving around town with friends!

Why do you want to be an Influencer because: 

I would love to be a Sam Smead Senior because he has been taking my pictures since I was a little girl and I would love to finish my highschool pictures with him.


How to become a Sam Smead Senior INFLUENCER for the class of 2024 & 2025. It's not to early to get signed up for the INFLUENCER program for next spring. We are taking applications for next years team NOW! Click the link below and be one of the first to be a 2024 & 2025 INFLUENCER.

Anna Skinner

Goes to: Longview High School

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