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Capturing Moments Because They Grow Quickly

Capturing the moments in time of children as they grow from babies to toddlers to children then teenagers is something every family should endeavor to do as often as possible. Life will be a blur of baby milestones, school dances, and festive holidays and you will need the photos to remember all the joyful times. In just the space of a year, a child can change so dramatically. A few inches taller, a change of hairstyle, and some milk teeth disappearing are all it takes for your little baby to turn into an independent kid suddenly. 

Before you know it, they will be leaving home for good. When the nest becomes empty, you suddenly have less laundry to do, not so many meals to cook, and some time to relax. What are you going to do with all this time? Don't be surprised if you find yourself pouring over old photos and reminiscing about the days when the kids were little and needed you to hold their hand every day. 

Regular professional photoshoots will capture the precious moments that are so blissful yet fleeting. Looking back at old photographs is a trip down memory lane that can evoke fond feelings of the past and prompt memories that are a part of your family history. When grandparents sit down with their grandkids with a photo album from years gone, youngsters will hear stories, both old and new. At the same time, grandparents are transported back to the past to blissful times worth remembering. Don't you love looking back at old photographs? Holding a quality print of yourself as a child. There is nothing like it. 

There are many ways to photograph children. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Portraits of children show the details of their smiles and expressions, which are ever-changing.

  • Family portraits of children with their siblings, parents, grandparents, and even friends.

  • Documentary-style photography shows children in their natural environment, such as at home or exploring their local area.

This last one on the list can also be described as a modern concept that can be very complementary to a traditional photo session. You might want to take photos at home one year, at the indoor studio the next year, and in our new garden studio the following year. 

Photographing children at home or in your local area is a beautiful idea. Think back to your childhood memories. The first ones that come to mind will be happy times at home or playing outdoors. Splashing around in the river or running around in the forest or playing games at home - memories like these are special, and preserving them with professional photography will be a move you will be pleased about later in life.

There's no way to get back the years that have past. Don't regret not having enough photos of the children in your life. Memories fade, but photos help bring the memories back to life. They trigger feelings and emotions that might be otherwise forgotten. 

Photos are gifts that enable you to travel back to your favorite moments. Schedule a session for your children or grands today!


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