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Focus on the Family with a Fun Holiday Tradition

You know that wonderful feeling you get when you unwrap a Christmas gift you absolutely love? It might be something you can use or enjoy every day. It might be something totally beautiful. It might have sentimental value and be a gift that is thoughtful and meaningful.

Guess what! We have just the thing to get you started.

A photo shoot for the holidays is a wonderful way to get a great collection of images that can used for Christmas cards for your loved ones. We are currently booking holiday photo sessions so you will have plenty of time to select your favorites. We will have them printed, and can help you choose frames for the mantle. Preparing cards and choosing the list of recipients gets you to thinking about getting your gifts wrapped and under the Christmas tree or in the post early. 

We think it's a great idea and Santa agrees!

Sadly, due to Covid-19 we might not all be reunited this Christmas. Seeing loved ones in a photo is not the same as drinking egg nog under the Christmas tree, but it is a way to see each others smiling faces. Framed photo gifts will be extra special for those loved ones you can't be with this year. 

Custom-made Christmas cards will bring joy and laughter and can be delivered by post or

digitally. You can also put your lovely images on products if you want to get super creative. Ask Sam about the photo products he recommends. You are using the best photographer so you should follow through with the best printing.

Many of our clients have made their annual family photo shoot into a holiday tradition. They love planning their outfits and choosing the location and looking back at last years photos to see how much everyone has changed. Or we can do a studio shoot and you can make a theme. Here are some fun ideas:

  • Everyone in Christmas pajamas

  • Holding gift-wrapped boxes

  • Everyone dressed in festive colors

Or you can go for a classic style of shoot wearing your favorite outfits - white shirts with denim, casual or formal wear or modern linen outfits in matching colors. There are so many options and most importantly you should all wear outfits you are comfortable in.  

Kids grow up so fast and granddad keeps getting more and more handsome every year! Everyone looks forward to the happy holidays shoot - you can even bring your pets along. 

Merry Christmas, happy New Year and happy holidays! A holiday photo session is a wonderful way to reflect on your love as a family. Every year goes by so fast and preserving the precious memories is important.

Make it an enjoyable family experience when you have your photography taken care of by Sam. He puts everyone at ease and the whole photo shoot is relaxed and fun. He's also very sentimental about the holidays so don't forget to send him one of your customized Christmas cards too - it would make him as happy as Christmas elf at a New Year party!

Call us today to schedule your session!

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