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A Few Reasons Why it's Time For A Branding Photoshoot!

There's no better way to showcase your business and elevate your name than a branding photoshoot.

For entrepreneurs and small business owners, a photoshoot can produce visual content that you can use in many different ways. Here are just some of the uses for your fabulous new collection of branding photos.

  • Website - update your website with professional images

  • Advertising - show the world what you offer

  • Social media - get social and find new clients

  • Onsite display - be proud of your business by framing some photos for the walls of your empire

Update your website with fresh imagery that shows what your business is all about. Business owners often leave their sites unchanged for long periods. Do you have new staff, new services, or products, or has your location changed or been modified? Your website is often the first impression potential clients get of your brand, and you only get one chance at a first impression. Make it a memorable one by highlighting the best of your business from the very first moment. Although the face of advertising is changing rapidly, all businesses still need to advertise. So it is handy to have high-quality images ready for your next marketing campaign.

Keeping up with social media is a challenge that all businesses face. A branding photoshoot can produce a collection of images that can fuel social media platforms for many months. We can talk to you about how to schedule your social media posts so you can take care of it all in advance, which will make your life easier as you create an effortless workflow with your new photos. If you have an office space, it's great to display some photos of your business. We do it and hope you do too! Now let's talk about you - the business owner. Here are three trends we often see.

In the past, the face of the business owner wasn't that important.  The company name, brand, products, services, and location were all firmly documented. Although these areas of the business need to be featured, the priority has shifted.  The face of the business owner has become significant over time. Seeing a person elevates the client's level of trust and feeling of connection. In many cases, especially for small businesses, you are your brand. Your face is like your logo.  Some people don't like their photo taken. Are you one of those business owners who hasn't had their headshot updated for a billion years or perhaps ever? We understand. But we are here to help change that because it will help your business if people can see you. No need to be a supermodel, just as long as you have a smile, we are all good to go.

Luckily Sam is a pro at putting people at ease and photographing them in a relaxed and natural way. So what are you waiting for? It's time for a branding photoshoot to boost your brand awareness and bring in new customers. 

Sam is available for commercial, industrial and small business shoots and has a wealth of experience in photographing these subjects in a creative and modern style. Drop us a line or call for more information on packages and rates. We are here to help and can't wait to see you.

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