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Featured Product: FRAMES- Roma Moulding

So why fames? If you want to display your photos and works of art, don’t just set them against another object on a table or hang the canvas up on the wall. Put it in a frame! It won’t just protect your memories and hard work, but it will also make a statement on your walls.

Above: Mid-century home furnishings pay homage to raw wood finishes. A 50’s inspired design, the newly introduced Ramino Collection is adorned with a delicate brushed color motif, juxtaposed with a walnut veneer edge. Designed for the style aficionado, this collection is available in four profiles and three colors and lends itself to endless installation possibilities .

Bright, vibrant colors adorn the hammered and point-dotted motifs in our updated Vintage Collection. Black and white colors, alongside hand-leafed gold, silver, copper and champagne finishes dance atop a textured surface, lending a soft and delicate feel.

A photo in itself is a work of art, but there’s just something about a framed photo that makes it even more impressive. The frame and mat that you choose can add to the feel that you want to portray in each photo. Choose the perfect texture, color, and style that will work the best for your cherished memory.

That Rose Gold Color!! SO pretty!!

This collection is available at the Sam Smead Photocreative Studio! We'd love to help you frame a cherished photo to display in your home. Visit the Contact Page of our website to get in touch with us. We're happy to answer any questions for you about framing and all things photography!

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