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Updated: Mar 14, 2018

Have you ever wondered what a Branding Headshot was? Is it worth it? Is editing noticeable? We are here to answer these questions!

3 images, 3 wardrobes, 3 backgrounds

Meet J. Chad Parker. He is our most recent Branding Headshot client. In the following 3 examples you will see some before and after shots of our favorite images from his session. (If you are wondering why there are only 2 wardrobe changes and 2 backgrounds right after we said you get 3, it was just his personal choice.)

In this first example of editing, you can see the background has been fixed and the overall image is brighter.

Glare and shine have been removed in this next example. (Take a closer look at the glasses.) You can also see a subtle change in the background.

In this third example, we see a wardrobe change. Once again, the glare has been removed from the glasses and the image has been brightened.

To see more about Headshots, Branding Headshots, and more, take a look at our pricing page:

We hope you enjoyed a little look behind the scenes!

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