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Senior Year Creative To Do List

Senior year can seem like one giant To Do List! Besides all of the things your student is focused on with college preparations, there are also so many events to attend and so much sentimental value to be captured during this momentous time. At Sam Smead Photocreative we really value our Seniors and feel fortunate to be a part of capturing the memories of this exciting transition. Since we have been helping Seniors for quite some time now, we wanted to put together some memory-making tips as a helpful reference for you.

1. Don't Forget to Remember (Albums and Slideshows)

Even though there are so many logistics to tackle right now, and so much focus on the future, don't forget to take time for reflection on the past. Bringing attention to where you've been brings all the more meaning to where you're going. It allows you to put things in perspective and gives opportunity for both parents and seniors to truly appreciate the gravity of their accomplishments. A creative way to do this would be to put together a compilation of photos from their childhood leading up to senior year. Once you've gathered your photos you could create an album for them to take to school. A slideshow is another way to display these memories. It could be played at their graduation party or simply enjoyed at home with family.

2. Take Senior Portraits They Love

As far as timing goes for Senior Portraits, the earlier the better. You'll want to use these images for so many things this year, so it's a good idea to get the ball rolling ASAP! I think we all look back at high school and have pretty distinct memories of Senior Year. It feels like you're about to truly leap out into the world for the first time. Senior Year has become defined as a benchmark moment; the beginning of the transition from child to adult. Senior Portraits are an opportunity to encapsulate all of that, and to really sing their praises! If you're a parent of a Senior then you certainly know that they are very aware and self conscious of their appearance. Quality senior portraits give them such a confidence boost and feeling of importance. At Sam Smead Photocreative, we love watching our seniors light up when they see their photos and feel confident and excited about how they look. It really adds to the Senior Year experience as a whole when they feel they're getting to express who they are. They get to feel confident and excited about sending out announcements with those images!

3. Sending Out Senior Announcements/Graduation Party Invitations

Depending on your schedule of events, senior announcements should be mailed either 3 weeks before your party or 3 weeks before graduation and up to 4 weeks after. You'll also want to allow two weeks from the time you order them to when you receive them. Here is a link to some wording ideas.

This is yet another opportunity for your Senior to express their individuality. We would love to help you design a senior announcement that will represent your senior and that you'll love to have was a keepsake.

4. Remember to celebrate the other graduates in your life.

Stock up on “Congratulations Graduate” cards. As you receive graduation party announcements and invitations, keep track of them on your calendar so you don’t miss attending any important events.

5. Sending Out Thank You Cards

I'm sure you'll want to thank the many people who are cheering on your grad. The amount of support they get is very touching! If your senior is hand-writing thank you notes and needs some inspiration, here is a link to some wording ideas. However, a time saver is to create custom thank you cards using their senior portraits. It still feels personal and thoughtful without having to spend precious time on individual Thank You's.

We would love to help you with Senior Portraits, Announcements, and custom Thank You cards. If you have any questions please give us a call at 903-758-3900 or email

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