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sam and jill

Updated: Feb 20, 2018

I'm sure you all have heard of the show Fixer Upper and marveled at how a husband and wife team can have a strong marriage and also work tog

ether. (If you have not heard of it, there's a show called Fixer Upper with a husband and wife team that have a great marriage and work together.)

Meet East Texas' own Sam and Jill Smead who have been working together for 17 years. (Married for longer). Recently, they were featured on the cover of Infinitie Plus magazine. Jill is the studio manager handling production, working with customers, learning about new products and technology. Sam uses his architecture degree to create lasting images with a unique eye. Not only does he photograph families, children, and seniors, but he also does commercial photography, aeriel, professional images, architectural images, weddings, maternity sessions, and various projects that are presented to him. Because of Sam and Jill's dedication to hard work and quality, Sam Smead Photocreative has received numerous awards and has just expanded to  a secondary location in Tyler. 

If you have not been by the studio, they would love to meet you!

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