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Professional Photography for Your Corporate Office

A picture is worth a thousand words.

You’ve probably heard this adage before, and it is likely more true today then ever before. We live in such a visual society and social media has amplified that a million times over. Images allow your audience to instantly see what you’re about, and that impression is crucial. In this day and age, consumers like to see things for themselves before making a decision about a purchase or a commitment, so the quality in what you’re showing them is more valuable than ever before. At Sam Smead Photocreative, we take pride in helping you put your best foot forward.

Vasso & Associates

Your Media Represents Your Business

You have constant opportunity to communicate with potential customers using your website, social media, print, and other visual mediums. Their first impression of your business is likely a visual one, so the photos and videos that you put in front of them tell them who you are as a business. Creating an awesome visual that represents the quality of your services goes a long way! On the other side of that coin, a low-quality visual can give a low quality impression to potential customers.

Below you'll see some examples of a group shot along with individual headshots.

Louis Morgan #4

East Texas Endodontics

Below you'll find a slideshow of more of Sam Smead Photocreative's Corporate clients. We would love to help you update the professional photography so you can have more tools for marketing yourself and your business. Give us a call for a consultation today! 903-758-3900 or email us

Rader Funeral Home of Kilgore

Harrison County Commissioners Court

American Heart Association – Go Red

Austin Bank

Bancorp South

Citizens National Bank

Community Bank

D&H Risk Services

East Texas Endodontics

Inspire Marketing

Louis Morgan #4

Pinecrest Country Club

Pinnacle Implants

R. Lacy

Suzanne Cook & Company

Texas Bank & Trust

Wood County Electric Cooperative

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