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Portraits in Homes: The Camp Family

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

We made a visit to the Camp Family's lovely country home to photograph the Sam Smead Photocreative portraits that are proudly displayed on their walls. Take a look:

Hanging over the fireplace is a 40X60 Deluxe Portrait of the family taken in 2005.

On the bookcase are 8X8 bevel mounted prints on decorative easels. These are portraits of the girls in their senior year of high school.

A 16X20 portrait also taken in 2005.

On left are 20X30 high school graduation portraits, and on the right is a 24X36 bridal portrait taken 2019

We would love to help you fill your home with high quality pieces that showcase your family and your most precious moments. Give us a call to schedule your session. 903-758-3900 or email

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