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Portraits in Homes: Addison Holcomb

When decorating your home, one question that is deceivingly complicated is: How should I decorate the walls? It doesn’t seem like that big of a project until you start and realize there are so many things to consider! Which spaces should I fill? What should I use to fill that space? What sizes would look best? How should I arrange them? Once I do decide what I’m going to use, what’s the best method for hanging it? These are all questions we LOVE assisting you with, and out of all the masterpieces you could choose to put on your walls, the most valuable work of art is an heirloom portrait of your loved ones.

Kim and Matt Holcomb proudly display this portrait of their daughter Addison on the mantle in their den. Addison was a 2017 Longfellows Debutante and is a student at Texas A&M. Her portrait hangs in a hand-carved antique frame gilded with gold-leaf. The frame is a one-of-a-kind piece curated by Jill Smead, and perfectly compliments the portrait and their home.

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