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Portraits in Homes: Abernathy

When decorating your home, decorating the walls is an exciting step. It's not until you begin to tackle this project that it hits you...."this is a lot more complicated than I thought." Which spaces should I fill? What should I use to fill it? What sizes would look best? How should I arrange them? Once decide what I’m going to use, what’s the best method for hanging it? These are all questions we LOVE assisting you with, and out of all the masterpieces you could choose to put on your walls, the most valuable works of art are heirloom portraits of your loved ones together.

Here is an example of a home adorned with family portraits.

The Abernathy Family

Sam Smead Family Photography
This Family Portrait was taken on location. It is a 40X60 Deluxe Portrait framed in a Roma moulding profile from the Tabacchino Collection.

This Family Portrait was taken in the studio. It is a 30X40 Metallic Stand Out with Silver edging

This hallway gallery is composed of a variety of sizes and finishes ranging from 20X30 to 24X72 using stand outs, metal prints and vintage framing all combined to make this a creative and one of a kind gallery.

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