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New Session Options!

We are excited to offer this new set of portrait sessions geared towards kids of all ages. They grow and change so quickly, and having a documented account of them at different stages is a precious commodity! We would love to capture one of those stages for you in a portrait session. There are two styles we've put together for you to choose from so there's very little decision making you have to deal with other than pointing to the option you want! 


A grey or black background, very minimal and classic, with a focus on capturing more than just a smile. In portraits like these, it seems you can almost see the adult they'll become. Here are the details:


A white background and a vibrant color image with a focus on capturing personality and joy! It's a fun-filled session where we will play their favorite music, dance around and concentrate on seeing their unique traits shine. Here are the details:

We'd love to have you in the studio this summer (where it's nice and cool!) and provide some fantastic portraits of your loved ones!

Give us a call at 903-758-3900

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