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meet ashley wood

Ashley Wood is a boutique portrait photographer for maternity, newborn, children, and family. She and her husband (Peter Wood) recently moved back to Longview after spending five years in Colorado.

“I never would have dreamed that the perfect photography opportunity would be waiting for me in Texas. Timing is everything!”-Ashley Wood

Sam Smead Photocreative was looking to bring a new photographic artist to their team. Sam has been a long-standing pillar of photographic excellence in the East Texas community for 27 years. His desire is to continue that tradition of excellence while expanding the stylistic choices available to his clients: traditional/classic as well as progressive/fresh.

“Bringing Ashley Wood onto the Sam Smead team opens up a different style and price point for us to offer. We want to be as accessible as possible to as many as possible, and continue to offer excellent photographic art with versatility.”-Sam Smead

Ashley is embarking on new adventures in Texas creatively, professionally, and personally. Ashley and Peter recently added a puppy to their little family! His name is Ranger and we might not be able to keep him from showing up in future blog posts. :) If you have ever visited the Sam Smead studio you have probably met Sam and Jill’s dog, Mona. She is considered the studio mascot! You can visit her instagram page @monathepapillon. Mona and Ranger may have to make some appearances together on social media!

Here is a little bit of what Ashley has to say about the inspiration that drives her craft:

“The idea that faith, hope, and love last for eternity has prompted my passion for photography. Getting to witness love in action, capture that moment, and make it a tangible thing for people to enjoy for generations, makes me feel like I am fulfilling a calling. I like to create a relaxed and comfortable environment for photo sessions so the images are as genuine and beautiful as possible. My ultimate goal is to let the natural chemistry between loved ones unfold. I hope to get you in front of my camera soon, and I look forward to being a part of making memories for your family to put in their treasure trove!”

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