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Get Multiple Portraits From One Session

When you think of getting family portraits taken, you may want to consider and plan for the variety of options you can get from that one session. Have you thought about what you could do with individual photos of the kids, or photos of the siblings together along with the photos of the whole family? What about a portrait just of you and your spouse? Especially after kids come along, we tend to forget about taking pictures as a couple! It can be really special to have those images of just the two of you (the founders) as your family grows and develops. These are all things Sam likes to consider when conducting Family Portraits, and he makes sure to capture this variety of images within one session. We should also include a disclaimer that there are definitely times that it is more appropriate to schedule a more in-depth portrait session specifically for the kids. We recommend the following mile stone ages for photos that will capture their changes really well: Newborn, 6 Months, 1 Year, 2 Years, 5 years, 10 years, 15 years, 18 years.

Take a look at this session and imagine what you could do with the different portraits. Maybe you could make a trio collection on the wall with a photo of the siblings in the middle and their individual portraits on either side. For a modern look, you could put a large black and white print of each kid in his or her room! The point is that within one session there are A LOT of options for what you can dream up and create, and we would love to help you make it a reality!

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