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Featured Product: Albums

This month's featured product is an album! We could create this post MANY times because there are so many options of albums to choose from. However, today we are featuring an album from the beautiful destination wedding between Brandi and Matthew Russell. The couple made selections for their finished product that are a beautiful blend of classic and contemporary.

This book is a twenty page album from Leather Craftsman, covered with Japanese book cloth in Platinum with modern style silver imprinting. Once the images were curated by the couple, they were retouched and the beautiful layouts were designed and arranged. All albums include consultation, custom design and proofing, and all retouched digital images are made available upon completion of the album.

Do you have a CD or a USB with digital images on it from a wedding or event and it is STILL on your To Do List to do something with those pictures?! We would love to help you with this. We can organize those photos for you and create a beautifully designed finished product that will give you a sigh of relief.

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