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On Saturday, September 9, I had the privilege of being Ashley’s assistant during Motherhood Mini Sessions. Casa Flora provided flower arrangements and floral crowns and oh my, was it a blast!

Ashley has such a great eye for natural light and making each person feel comfortable and at home. We took turns entertaining the kiddos with a chicken puppet that saved the day. Our other saving grace: bubbles.

The day started with adorable twin girls that were so cheerful and happy. A couple came in for a beautiful maternity shoot that took your breath away. I even got to sit in the chair and get my picture taken while we worked with the lighting between sessions. The beautiful thing about sessions, I discovered, is that we can be fully devoted to each person that comes in. I am not a natural in front of the camera, but the calming environment instantly puts you at ease.

I asked Ashley what her favorite part of the day was because I was having trouble articulating what I was feeling in my head and she sums it up perfectly.

“My favorite part was meeting new people/moms and the different personalities of all the kiddos!”

It was a busy day, but a glorious day. We thoroughly enjoyed each and every encounter and look forward to meeting more people. Fall Mini Sessions are coming and we would love for you to be a part of it!

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