Meet Lindsey!

Hi everyone. I would like to introduce myself to you; my name is Lindsey Searle. I am a southern “high haired” East Texas lady, I have a sensitive heart and a spontaneous soul. I have been married to my dreamy husband, Casey, for four years now and together we enjoy our beautiful big-eared fur baby, Piper Mae.  

    I have officially made “the leap” into professional photography and I couldn’t be more proud of the studio that I will be representing. Up until recently, my day-to-day routine has revolved around TEETH! I have been an Orthodontic Assistant my whole adult career. Yes…. all 11 years of it! I have made lifelong friends, connected with patients and families that will forever be in my life, and I have been able to share something with each individual person that is very special to me- a smile.  A smile has the to power to calm hearts, assure feelings, and open a path to something beautiful each time it is shared.  Creating laughter is something that has always been a part of my life. I have grown up with a witty family and you can bet at any large holiday everyone is trying to see who can get the loudest laughs or capture the biggest smiles. 

     Sam Smead Photocreative has given me the opportunity to share my smile by pursuing photography, a passion of mine, as a career and a business. Elle Gallery is my love for capturing beautiful moments; the ones that you just want to wrap your arms around. I am very much looking forward to being involved in the communities of East Texas and collaborating with amazing talents that I call friends. Capturing what is beautiful to you is my priority. Creating what fulfills your dreams in my ambition.